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About Us

Hello and welcome to Glass Half Full Studio! We are a mother-daughter duo with a desire to inspire, uplift, and encourage with our colorful line of greeting cards and gifts.


We believe in the power of optimism and see it as the catalyst to living an inspired life. We know that positive people generate positive thoughts which lead to positive results. We encourage you to see life in vibrant shades of color, to live more fully, and to run in the direction of your dreams. 


Our dream is to connect hearts and souls the old-fashioned way. With paper and postage stamps and a bit of loving kindness. In celebration of special events and milestones, but also during the times when a loving gesture is totally unexpected and probably most needed. We believe that even the smallest act of kindness ripples outward to become a force for good in the world.

We encourage you to share the love and in return Glass Half Full Studio is a proud supporter of Pencils of Promise, an international "for-purpose" organization dedicated to building schools, providing quality education, and increasing knowledge about WASH (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene) for children in developing countries. We donate a percentage of revenue to Pencils of Promise and are committed to providing 1 year of education for 111 students in Laos by December 2019. You can follow along on our journey here.  

Our story begins about 25 years ago. Kim was a toddler and Pat was a working mom of two with a handmade greeting card business on the side. She worked with a sales rep in New York City who sold her cards to retailers and attended national trade shows on her behalf. Pat and Kim even collaborated on a special “kid” greeting card line that was sold at a local art gallery. Pat ran the greeting card business for a couple of years and when the demands of a job and family became too much she closed up shop and found other creative outlets to keep her inspired. (Just thinking about each and every card made by hand makes us tired!)


In 2008, Kim moved away from home to attend college just outside Chicago. Now an empty nester, Pat’s creative life really blossomed. She started to play around with hand lettering and watercolor and would send Kim hand drawn postcards in the mail with sayings and phrases that she considered “good advice.” As lovers of sending and receiving mail, it was a fun way for them to stay connected. Kim would hang the postcards on her dorm room wall and soon they became quite a hit around campus. Her friends started requesting their own favorite quotes and, of course, Pat would make and send them a hand drawn postcard. Later when Kim lived halfway around the world in Australia and Thailand, the postcards still came. Sending fun artwork in the mail kept them connected.


Fast forward to 2016. While browsing in a bookstore, Kim spots a hand lettered greeting card that reminds her of the ones Pat used to send. She texts her a picture of it and that eventually leads to the idea of starting a business together. Glass Half Full Studio is born and Pat and Kim feel as though they’ve come full circle. Pat is back in the stationery business and this time mother and daughter are doing it together. It’s a new era, with new technology, and totally new ways of running a business. (Yay for Etsy and the internet!) Even though they live on opposite ends of the country, with cell phones and computers they are able to manage the business together.

Our Process

The inspirational cards and gifts from Glass Half Full Studio are designed to encourage a positive attitude and outlook on life. The artwork is drawn completely by hand using ink and watercolor exactly the same way Pat made postcards for Kim. Afterward, it is digitally scanned and professionally printed in the USA using recycled paper and eco friendly ink. Every order is carefully and lovingly packaged and sent to you from Pat’s home studio in Cleveland, Ohio on the shores of beautiful Lake Erie.

Meet the Owners


Kim (the daughter) is the multi-talented business manager at Glass Half Full Studio. She has her own special form of creativity - making things happen. She is a petite powerhouse who definitely knows her way around a vision board and is relentless in the pursuit of her dreams. These dreams have taken her around the world and back and taught her the power of intention, positive thinking, and inspired action. Kim has lived in Thailand, Australia, Cleveland, Chicago, San Francisco, and now travels the world full-time with her husband. 

Pat (the mother) is the artist behind the inspirational creations at Glass Half Full Studio. She has had a lifelong infatuation with stationery that includes an impressive postage stamp collection, dozens of pen pals around the globe, membership in the mail art community, and a previous handmade greeting card business. She even still has in her possession every card and letter she has ever received in her life. Pat has always been a maker and enjoys almost every art form imaginable. 


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